About Us

Tri County Community College is the result of several years of work by a group of Thai students living in Bangkok. We are making a free directory of higher education, starting in the United States and Canada in English, then expanding into Asia and Europe, via multiple languages. On our site at tricountycommunitycollege.org, you can find long lists of schools, and visit only those you are interested in, keeping our page open in the background, or saving our site to your favorites.

If any domain name that we have a page on is trademarked in your country, and your nation has an intellectual property treaty with Thailand, please let us know, and we will transfer to your school at no cost. If your organization has no trademark, though, but you wish to buy the domain name for your own use, pricing is one-tenth of typical domain resale market rates. In fact, we use a price-determining function based on visitor traffic to the domain, 10 cents per visitor projected over 5 years, with a $275 floor price.